American Girl

American Girl
Mary Tanaka is a typical American girl until the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Then overnight she becomes something terrible: She becomes Japanese.

Suddenly, everyone hates her: Bullying at school, bricks thrown through her fathers store windows. Even her boyfriend turns against her.

And when the American Government decides that Mary and every other Japanese on the west coast of America should be taken to prison camps hundreds of miles inland, Mary’s life implodes. Her father is arrested and her mother falls apart.

Mary has to find a way of surviving in the camps, trying to balance her needs against the rigid Japanese traditions of caring for her family. She has to learn to live and love again in a strange world.

A world where she is the enemy...

"...a riveting way of presenting an ugly chapter in America's past." ***** Amazon review

"Easy to read and insightful." **** Amazon review

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