Over the Mountain

Over the Mountain
In the sleepy and isolated English village of Inklesham lives 15-year-old Jenna Adams. Life is quiet for Jenna: She fills her diary and her days with midnight rainstorms, working at the local pizza shop and thoughts about her school friends - and enemies.

The arrival of the new boy in the village throws Jenna's life into a spin. Scott Thomas is like no one she's ever met, a strange and somehow haunted young boy.

For a while, love for the two of them is simple and easy, then things start going wrong...
Why does Scott lie to Jenna about where he's been and who he's been with? What is the secret that he and the brother of Jenna's best friend seem determined to keep?

Then a tragic event threatens to overwhelm Jenna, and her life starts to spiral out of control, gradually slipping through her fingers and away...

"...raw, sad, emotionally packed...I don't think I would have gotten through much more...The words were all blurry from the tears." **** Amazon review.

" hell of an interesting read." **** Amazon review.

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